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Sunday, September 25, 2011


*muka HAPPY and chubby -.-'*

salam kowg .
how your day ?
hope everything fine .

actually , nak cite pasal rumah penuh II nihh .
pe tuhh rumah penuh II ?
mesti kowg tertanya-tanya kn ??

rumah penuh II = FULL HOUSE II
full house is the famous korean drama before .
sape yg minat tgk kdrama ,
of coz tau cite nihh , kn ?

the lead casts for full house are song hye kyo and rain b .
for me , song hye kyo is very good actress .
sy pena tgk dye berlakon dlm autumn in my heart before .
memang best la .
at first sy tgk cite full house ny .
sy x pcaye pun yg dye adlh girl yg brlakon dlm cte autumn tuhh .
sgt lain watak dye dlm full house dgn autumn .
and dye brjya bwk kedua2 watak tuhh .
and and dye cantik + comel .
rain b pun hensem okay .

okeh apa yg buat sy happy is there will be full house II .
hee .
ad new said that my 2nd bf , no min woo akan berlakon dlm full house II nanti .
seronok seronok .
x sabar nak tgk dye berlakon .
ny 1st time dye jadi lead actor .

no min woo

maybe no min woo akan berlakon dgn hwang jung eum dlm full house II .
sy x pena tgk ag hwang jung eum ny berlakon .
but i hope they'll do a good job in that drama .

hwang jung eum .

seriously , i can't wait to watch no min woo in a new drama and as a lead actor . he's so handsome . hee . btw , i got this new at here :)


mAn mEL said...

beli cd cta ni..nnt share2 :)

nur khalida zainal said...

betul ke cite ni ade ? bile keluar ? nak tgk !!

missamy said...

mel , tamau share dgn kmu :P

missamy said...

khalida , maybe nest year kott . tak sabar nihh . hee .