k0wg yg sy sayang ;)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thank you

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and the link of the person :
i got this award from my and toyah .
so , thax to both of them .
tq s0 much , okay ? :)

2. Spread the award to 10 blogger who you like & you think their blogs are awesome :
7. atyn
8. aida
9. jeeha
10. syam
n all the blog that I follow.

3. Tell 7 things about yourself :
a math-teacher to-be
in love with dress + high heel
have short-sightness ill
but hate to wear spectacle
addicted to korean drama
animal lover esp cats


Amoi MiyaSya said...

wahh ! math teacher !
gudluck tau :))

missamy said...

thax :)
eh . amik laa skli award ny .

MisApple said...

tengs dear :)
sayang kamu.
muah muah muahhh!
actually apple dah penah buad entry sal award ni.
nak kena buad lagi ke?

Wan_hazel said...

amy wan tggal jejak kat sini..shoutmix under maintenance

akubukanpuitis said...

hehe...tQ sis~ =)

missamy said...

misapple .
da wat ek ?
hehe . xpee laa lau da wat :)

missamy said...

okay :)

missamy said...

wc akubukanpuitis :)

She's retarded said...

tengs for the award!